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Cdj 2000 Traktor 2 Serial Number

With this releases serving as a strictly limited run, there will only be 1,200 CDJ-2000NXS2-W decks (200 for the USA), along with 600 DJM-900NXS2-W mixers (100 for the USA) with each unit will be stamped with a distinctive plaque featuring a unique serial number.

cdj 2000 traktor 2 serial number

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If you plan on buying some used hardware, be it an S4, X1 or any other kind of Native Instruments DJ hardware; you may see that the seller says they have the serial numbers and are going to include the software along with the licence. This is great, however there is something they need to do before you take your new piece of kit home.

Each time a product is licensed to a customer, the serial number is assigned to a specific email through the Service Centre. Before you are able to use your newly acquired software you must get the licence number transferred to you. This can only be done by the seller. You can ask the seller to contact the Native Instruments Registration support through this online form to have the serial number removed from his/her account.

You have the option to return your item within 14 days of the date received. If the unit is in manufacture original sealed box or in manufacture original condition, it is subject to a 10% restock fee. If Manufacture sealed was broken or not in manufacture original condition, but no missing accessory, it is subject 25% restock fee. Other case will incur restocking fees of up to 80%. Please note that all serial numbers are recorded for each unit shipped.If your unit is DOA at the time of delivery, please contact us within 48 hours. After that contact the manufacture.

Important: Mixxx expects the VMS4 to be set to "Post EQ" mode for bestsound quality. Do this by holding down the Headphone Cue button onMidilog 4 while powering on the unit. You only need to do this once.(Each time you do, it changes the mode back and forth.) Consult theusermanualfor more information. (To check the status of this in Linux, at aconsole, issue the command lsusb -vgrep 'iSerial\iProduct' and lookat the serial number under the VMS4 device per the instructions in theuser manual. As of this writing, the leading digit should be 1.)

These Platinum Edition models have a limited run of 4,000 units for the CDJ-2000nexus and 2,000 units for the DJM-900nexus. The Platinum Limited Edition series products will feature an ultra-sleek mirror chrome finish and each with a distinctive plaque engraved with the production run and serial number to indicate its authenticity. The system includes two CDJ-2000nexus-M and one DJM-900nexus-M. Also available is the RMX-1000 Remix Station as Platinum Limited Edition being sold separately.

Premium body with mirror surface finishing, and plates inscribed with serial numbers Metal materials with reflective finishing are used for the top panels of the three new models set for launch. With other special design parts incorporated to match the mirror panel, such as the LED color changes of each model and the aluminum materials used for the JOG dial of the "CDJ-2000nexus Platinum Edition", these devices stand out in any space with their fine quality and high class looks. What's more, each and every unit features a unique plate inscribed with its serial number as proof of the fact that these models are part of a limited production run.Serial number plate

Pioneer DJ are releasing exclusive new versions of their flagship NXS2-W multiplayer and DJ mixer in a brilliant white finish. A strictly limited run of 1,200 CDJ-2000NXS2-W decks (1,000 for Europe, 200 for the USA) will be produced, along with 600 DJM-900NXS2-W mixers (500 for Europe, 100 for the USA). Each unit will be stamped with a distinctive plaque featuring a unique serial number. 350c69d7ab


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