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N64 Injected Wads

If you want to inject PC Engine SuperGrafx HuCard games, I recommend Dungeon Explorer (U) or Daimakaimura (J) for inject them. They MUST be injected manually due to the size of the SuperGrafx ROM files (average size 1 MB per SuperGrafx ROM, beating a normal PCE ROM of 384 kB). You can inject manually your ROM by unpacking the file, renaming the ROM file you want to inject as the WAD-ROM file, and then replacing the old one, and repacking the file.

N64 Injected Wads

In MSX2 Wii VC WAD 'Space Manbow (J)', the WAD uses a special unique sound driver chip called 'SCC'. That means, only MSX1 / MSX2 SCC games should be injected into SCC host WADs, otherwise the sound effects (SFX) will go away (won't use that sounds). 350c69d7ab


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